Say Goodbye to Squeaky Brakes

Learn about our brake repair services in Bossier City, LA

Does your car squeal when you tap the brakes? Don't ignore this warning sign from your vehicle-drive your car to Red River Auto Care in Bossier City, LA today. Our local mechanics are recognized throughout the area for our top-notch brake repair services.

Whether you need new brake pads or significant repairs, you can trust us to help. We'll find and resolve the source of the squeal so that you can remain safe behind the wheel.

3 signs of brake pad problems

Are your brake pads bad? If you're unsure, stop by Red River Auto Care today. Our brake repair crew in Bossier City, LA can find and fix brake issues on most makes and models of vehicles. We recommend bringing your car to our auto shop if:

  1. Your brakes squeal or grind every time you pump them.
  2. Your brake pedal shakes when you're driving.
  3. Your check-engine light pops on.

Don't risk a breakdown because you ignored brake issues. Call 318-584-6703 to speak with a local brake repair specialist about your vehicle.